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Presently I am looking for a good, easily manageable and editable FREE PHP school management 3rd party software(Framework Based). Preferable frameworks are CakePHP, CodeIgniter.

Otherwise please suggest me any CakePHP, CodeIgniter based simple, easily manageable and editable free cms 3rd party opensource software.

Thanks in Advance

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SO is not a recommendation service. –  Stephen C May 13 '12 at 7:46

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First of all, your question is very unclear.

I'm answering your question based on what I think your question is asking, i.e. what are the available php frameworks out there that are free and is easy to use.

This is a link to a detailed description of some frameworks out there.

In my opinion, CodeIgniter is very well documented and would be a good place to start if you are new to the MVC structure.

Zend is a very popular framework however, so you might want to take a look at it as well.

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+1 for the attempt at asnwering. In my opinion if you're just learning the bouts of an MVC CodeIgniter is a great place to start. However i have noticed that CI uses more globals than i am comfortable with in a production public facing web app. As a result most of my apps are done in Zend or kohana. –  gorelative May 11 '12 at 13:35
Haha thanks! Well, personally I have not used many frameworks myself, but being new to the whole idea, I thought CI's documentation is of great help. For the beginning at least :) –  He Hui May 11 '12 at 13:41
Absolutely, its what i learned on. CI isnt bad at all, but most of the "older" dev's don't like it because of the use of so many GLOBALS. I don't think i've seen a documentation as good as CIs yet. –  gorelative May 11 '12 at 13:45
Hello He Hui, thanks for your valuable response. Actually I am not looking for PHP framework exactly. I am looking for opensource PHP framework based (cake or CI) 3rd party software for school management project. –  user1389514 May 12 '12 at 1:41
getfuelcms.com try this instead then. –  He Hui May 12 '12 at 11:10

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