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if my app's FacebookDesktop.init succeeds, I seem to be able to avoid the FacebookDesktop.login step.

is this a good idea?

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If I'm not mistaken, init just initializes the API while login will log the user in to Facebook and authorize the app. If you're already logged in to FB, but have not authorized the app, then login will still be necessary. I think the standard process is to check login status using Facebook.getLoginStatus() after you initialize the app.

The login status result will give you connected (user is logged in and has authorized your app), not_authorized (user is logged in but has not authorized your app), and unknown (user is not logged in).

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please note: Facebook.getLoginStatus REQUIRES a custom eventlistener to get that response ... the as3-fb-api documentation does not make this obvious: ...You can listen for... as if I have an option. It should read: ...You must listen for.... as3-fb-api docs – dsdsdsdsd May 21 '12 at 10:47

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