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I am currently writing a Bash script that has a number of functions in it and would like to add docs to make other team members understand what the point of the function is.

Is there a standard "style" for documenting Bash scripts and the functions it contains?

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Usually, I try to follow guidelines that are analog to the ones I use with other languages like C.

This includes a function header containing:

  • function name, short description and purpose
  • list of arguments and return values, with descriptions
  • list of all side effects (e.g., changes in variables or files)
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To my understanding there is no standard for Bash doc. But typically you would:

  • include a header to your bash file, with your name, copyright, contact, and briefly what the script does
  • a usage() function that explains how to launch and use your function.
  • a comment at the top of each function to explain what the func does.
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