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Hello i have something like this

TableLayout tblGrid = new TableLayout(getBaseContext());
for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    EditText edtArticulo = new EditText(getBaseContext());
    EditText edtCantidad = new EditText(getBaseContext());
    EditText edtPrecio = new EditText(getBaseContext());
    EditText edtSubtotal = new EditText(getBaseContext());
    CheckBox chbSeleccion = new CheckBox(getBaseContext());
    TableRow tbrRenglon = = new TableRow(getBaseContext());

    tbrRenglon.addView(chbSeleccion, 0);
    tbrRenglon.addView(edtArticulo, 1);
    tbrRenglon.addView(edtCantidad, 2);
    tbrRenglon.addView(edtPrecio, 3);
    tbrRenglon.addView(edtSubtotal, 4);

my problem is i can´t find the selected checkbox in the group of tablerows

i need some help please

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This code doesn't show how you go about finding the checkbox –  Alex May 11 '12 at 14:45
How do you try to find checkbox? Paste the code too –  Murat Nafiz May 11 '12 at 15:14

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Keep a reference to each checkbox in an array outside the loop. Then loop over the array to see which are checked

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i solved using arg0.getId(); in OnCheckedChangeListener –  japuentem May 14 '12 at 21:43

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