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Do all boost exceptions derive from std::exception? If not do they all derive from some base exception class?

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According to the documentation boost::exception doesn't inherit std::exception.

However this page explains how to correctly use Boost exceptions.

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Boost.Exception is a framework for storable and re-throwable exceptions. They're not thrown directly from any boost library. The FAQ… explains why boost::exception doesn't inherit from std::exception. – Marc Mutz - mmutz Jul 30 '09 at 7:43

A "good Boost citizen" library should throw using boost::throw_exception, in order to support configurations where exception handling is disabled.

The boost::throw_exception function requires that the type of the passed exception derives publicly from std::exception (as of version 1.37.0 or thereabouts boost::throw_exception will issue a compile error if that requirement is not met.) In addition and by default, exceptions emitted using boost::throw_exception derive from boost::exception.

However, there is no requirement for Boost libraries to throw exceptions through boost:throw_exception or to derive from std::exception.

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I believe so. Can't think of a boost library throwing something non-std::exception based.

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