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I am using Ruby on Rails 3.2.2 and I would like to build a long string the easiest way. I thought of use the times method, but using the following code it doesn't return that I am looking for:

10000.times{ "Foo bar" }
# => 10000

I would like that it returns "Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar ...".

How can I make that?

Note: I would like to use the above code for testing purposes in a my rspec file.

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Try this method:

"Long string"*1000
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What you're doing doesn't work because you're calling the times method on the integer 1000. It's taking a block and ends up returning the value 1000.

The easiest solution is to call the multiplication method/operator on a string.

So like @gmile suggested do it like this:

"Foo bar " * 10000

But if you really want to use 10000.times{ } you can do so like this:

long_string = ''
10000.times{ |s| s << 'Foo bar ' }
puts long_string   # "Foo bar Foo bar Foo bar ..."
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~gmile has the best solution, but better than this solution is 10000.times.inject('') { |str, ignore| str << 'Foo bar ' } –  Marlin Pierce May 11 '12 at 16:56

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