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How do I make multiple line types in a single plot in jqPlot?

The following would display 3 lines in dotted, but what if I want line 1 to be dotted and line 2 to be solid?

plot = $.jqplot("myplot", [line1, line2, line3], {
    seriesDefaults : {
        linePattern : 'dotted',
        showMarker : false,
        shadow : false
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You could do it in a similar way as they do it here in the bottom most example for marks you just need to specify your patter for each line accordingly.

This jsfiddle show exactly how it is used.

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Your answer worked, I was actually trying this solution before, but something later in my code was nullifying the changes I made and I realized after. thanks – jack May 11 '12 at 19:24

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