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I have a Calendar Event in Google Apps Script and I want to allow the user to open it by clicking an Anchor. I think I can the URL has to look like this: http://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=SOMEID&ctz=Etc/GMT . However I can't seem to get the required ID from the Calendar Event. The ID I get from Event.getId() doesn't work in those URL's and there is no event.getUrl().

Does anyone know if this is possible with apps script?

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It is indeed not possible. There's an enhancement request on apps script issue tracker that mentions this misfeature. You may want to start it to keep track of updates and kind of vote for it.

Issue 627: GAS for Appointments

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Now it's possible.

You must use an Advanced Calendar Service

For example. The code returns a htmlLink for a first event from result of query:

function test(){
  rerurn JSON.parse(
          {q: 'QUERY PHRASE'}

For more see Events: list

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