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Why to get phone state changed status, android provides two way: BroadcastReceiver with action android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE, and using TelephonyManager with a PhoneStateListener ?

There is a substantial difference on the contents? or change only the method of notification?

I could register a listener with TelephonyManager.listen(PhoneStateListener listener, int events) and handle state in onCallStateChanged(), or alternatively register a BroadcastReceiver for action android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE and handle event in onReceive().

Why and when to prefer one or the other way?

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It seems to me that TelefonyManger works within applications. Make sure to not instantiate it yourself. You should use it with :


This would seem useful if you plan on making a dialer application which directly can make phone calls or use other features of the phone directly within your application

On the other hand, if you register a BroadcastReceiver, this means you want to know about the phone state even when your application is not in the foreground. Possibly if you were making an application that was tracking phone usage.

TelephonyManager on Android Developers

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