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I'm using blueimp / jQuery-File-Upload and I'm getting and error of "access denied" on internet explorer (all versions). In fact it is a jQuery error, jquery.js, line 3241 character 6 development library. The flow is like this: click on a button, fireing input file button, listening for onchange event and beginning upload. Then I get this error and I don't know from where it is comming.

Please help me out with this.


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I recently had a similar problem with this same plugin, and the cause was with this: I was using JavaScript to trigger a click on the file input, rather than relying on a click on the File Input itself. Problem is, IE doesn't like this. It won't let you submit a form with JavaScript that has a file input field containing data added via JavaScript.

There's no way around this - except allowing them to click on the file input field directly, rather than triggering with JavaScript. The reason I was triggering the click was for style reason. I wanted to use a link rather than the actual file field, but with some fancy CSS I was still able to achieve the same look.

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Is there a short snippet you could add that demonstrates your answer? You can edit it in and use the code format button! – Edward Oct 17 '13 at 16:49

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