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Is there any method to get Annotations from Google Analytics via their API. Lots of searching hasn't given be any docs or solid answers on if this is possible or not.

Has anyone done this, or know the filters / dimensions I need to use to get Annotations?

Thanks Jake

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No, to this date there's no way to get annotations from the Google Analytics API.

There's an open issue for it.

Feel free to star the issue to get updates, but please don't reply to it with a "Me too" comment.

The issue was open on Jan 2010 and to this date there is no update or comment from Google.

Google internal policy is to not discuss publicly bugs and new features. We know they are aware of this and other omissions on the API and we know they are working on it, but they won't provide any deadlines, so you should not wait for it in the short term.

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This looks like its as good as it gets..... – Jake N Jul 20 '12 at 9:28

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