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I'm just starting out with Python, and have found out that I can import various libraries. How do I find out what libraries exist on my Mac that I can import? How do I find out what functions they include?

I seem to remember using some web server type thing to browse through local help files, but I may have imagined that!

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Did you look in your Library/Frameworks/Python.Framework directory? What dod you see? – S.Lott Jun 28 '09 at 18:43
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For the web server, you can run the pydoc module that is included in the python distribution as a script:

python /path/to/pydoc.py -p 1234

where 1234 is the port you want the server to run at. You can then visit http://localhost:1234/ and browse the documentation.

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Ah, that's the one! Thanks! – Rich Bradshaw Jun 28 '09 at 21:45

From the Python REPL (the command-line interpreter / Read-Eval-Print-Loop), type help("modules") to see a list of all your available libs.

Then to see functions within a module, do help("posix"), for example. If you haven't imported the library yet, you have to put quotes around the library's name.

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Good news is that you will prob get that badge for being voted loads higher than the accepted answer! Thanks for the answer though! – Rich Bradshaw Jun 28 '09 at 21:49
The accepted answer taught me something new too, so it's all good :) – Mark Rushakoff Jun 28 '09 at 22:21
That's OK then! Did feel a pang of guilt! – Rich Bradshaw Jun 30 '09 at 9:11

You can install another library: yolk.

yolk is a python package manager and will show you everything you have added via pypi. But it will also show you site-packages added through whatever local package manager you run.

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+1 because of all the other things Yolk lets you do. – Nikhil Chelliah Jun 28 '09 at 19:07

Every standard python distribution has these libraries, which cover most of what you will need in a project.

In case you need to find out if a library exists at runtime, you do it like this

    import ObscureModule
except ImportError:
    print "you need to install ObscureModule"
    sys.exit(1) # or something like that
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On Leopard, depending on the python package you're using and the version number, the modules can be found in /Library/Python:


or in /Library/Frameworks


(it could also be 3.0 or whatever version)... I guess it is quite the same with Tiger

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just run the Python interpeter and type the command import "lib_name" if it gives an error, you don't have the lib installed...else you are good to go

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