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I have navigation fixed to the top of my page, but if an iframe-embedded youtube video is scrolled over it, it shows up on top of the nav (as well as any overlay or modal window-div).

Tried setting the z-index on it, to no avail.

I've found that you can set wmode="opaque" on the embed object to get this to work with an old style flash embed, but I'd prefer to work with HTML 5 and not have to require specific settings on a video embed


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The correct answer is to set wmode=opaque as a YouTube Query String for your iframes src value.

There is no attribute Opaque for iframes. Complete list of allowed attributes are here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp

This updated jsfiddle contains only the HTML5 API Embed YouTube Method, leaving out the old-style embed type and the z-index that you don't want.

If you click play on your videos see a black screen, it's because of the current YouTube HTML5 Flash Fallback bug. You will see the controls once the iframe is a larger size, but the player is broken. Reference this SO post for that info:

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You Need to set wmode of the frames to opaque or transparent. And also you need to add that parameter to the youtube video in the iframe.

More on wmode.

EDIT: Setting everything to opaque works just fine, in Chrome at least.

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