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I am using HttpGet to get the contents of some images. It has worked well but now it gives me errors with a new server I am using which returns images on the form of:

The error is Host name may not be null

I have researched and it seems that the error is common when underscores appear on the URL, however my URL only contains hyphen which i think is accepted by URI. Anyway i also tried using the following to escape the url with no success:

HttpGet mHttpGet = new HttpGet(new URI(null,item.getImageUrl(),null));

What else can be causing the problem and how can i solve it?

Thanks in advance


I first tried directly with the Url using

new HttpGet(item.getImageUrl())

Then I also tried with 4 args:

HttpGet mHttpGet = new HttpGet(new URI("https","",item.getImageUrl().substring(25),null));

With the same result, even if I debug the HttpGet Object, and watch the URI object it has, the host property appears ok ( , but I still get the same exception.

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Did you encode URI? For example remove spaces or other special characters that break stuff? Try s)

HttpGet mHttpGet = new HttpGet(new URI(null,,null));

Best way to debug this to always print the URL and analyze the ones that give an error.

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The URL That I posted is the one that is giving the error, encoding it gives the same error. – htafoya May 11 '12 at 16:31

I think you are using the wrong constructor. The three argument URI constructor has this signature:

public URI(String scheme, String ssp, String fragment)

but you are providing a URL as the 2nd argument rather than an SSP. I think you should be using the one argument constructor that takes a URL string as its argument.

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Well I firstly used the one argument constructor with no success and I tried then the 3 arg and the 4 arg with the same result. See my Edit. – htafoya May 11 '12 at 17:32
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Well there was no Java or Android problem, it results that the server changes the request when it comes from a device...

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Please try a host name without the use of hyphens "-" or underscores "_", see if it works .

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