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This should be really simple, and I thought I was doing it correctly...evidently not.

I need to get the light grey box that says "Test" into the darker grey area, to the right of the list on the left. It's supposed to be 270px tall (or whatever) and stretch to the right edge of the list on the left, and to the edge of the enclosing container on the right side.

Here's a Fiddle with my code. Easy peasy. Thanks, guys and gals.

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add float: left; to your revision-gutter class, and that should get you started.

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Well that was easy. Thanks, Mr. Kirby. –  Jon May 11 '12 at 16:01

There are two approaches to solving the problem, which stems from your use of float: right. You can either 1) Move the .theater gray box above the sidebar, and it will properly float to the right side of it, or 2) You can change the sidebar to float: left, remove the float from the gray box, and add a left margin.

Here's an example of the second approach.

You could also float both the sidebar and the gray box, but I would not suggest that.

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You need to float:left or otherwise take the .revision-gutter div out of the flow

Floated left in my example:

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Just add float:left; to the .revision-gutter and your done!


.revision-gutter {
    float: left;

And he updated Fiddle!

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Take a look at this... perhaps it is your end goal! –  Zuul May 11 '12 at 16:07

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