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I have created a relationship (for example "KNOWS") between 2 nodes on the Neo4j webAdmin application. If I want to rename the relationship (from "KNOWS" to "LOVES"), how can I do it?

The solution I have so far is delete the "KNOWS" relationship and create a new "LOVE" relationship. Is there any easier way to do this?


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Yes, that is how you do it. In the cypher console, you can do

start n=node(1) match n-[r:KNOWS]->m create n-[:FRIEND]->m delete r

see for an example.

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If you are using the Embedded neo4j then renaming is not possible. For this, you'll have to delete the existing relationship b/w nodes and then create new relationship b/w same nodes again. Make sure you all do this in a transaction.

Sushil Jain
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