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I'm making a website to manage some kind of schedule.

I looked into calendars and the like and found this form from google's calendar to be quite what I want. Google Calendar Reminder Interface

The thing is I'm having a hard time figuring out how to solve the Finaliza field. I have a Reminder model, but... Should I make a column for each option and play up with the form widget? Is there some canned solution I can use?

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Why don't you just add the columns to your model:

finalize_type = models.CharField(choices=(('Never', ''), ('Repetitions', ''), ('Date', '')))
finalize_repetitions = models.IntegerField()
finalize_date = models.DateField()

# model clean!
def clean(self):
     if finalize_type == 'Repetitions':
          # check that there is number in finalize_repetitions
          # raise validation error if not
     elif finalize_type == 'Date':
          # check date on finalize_date

     # You should also check if date and repetions aren't set when type == 'Never'

If I remember correctly the model clean fires on save. So if you implement a ModelForm it should be displayed on the forms errors.

I would also implement a method

def next_event()
    """returns date of next repetition, None if finished"""

Hope it helps.

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