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I can't seem to get variables working within selectors in jQuery. This is a really simple but annoying bug! See this jsFiddle for an example:

The following does not work:

var folder_id = "folder";

$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "']").append('<span>Hi></span>');


<div id="selects">
    <select name="folder_id">

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Always include all of the relevant code and markup in the question itself, not just as a link: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/118392/… I've added the markup from your fiddle for you this time. – T.J. Crowder May 11 '12 at 16:38
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Answering the question you actually asked (but see also below):

You're telling it to find a select with the name folder, not folder_id. But your select has the name folder_id.

So either change the code:

//                     v----- change here
var folder_id = "folder_id";

$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "']").append('<span>Hi></span>');

Updated fiddle (but again, see below under the break)

...or change the markup:

<div id="selects">
    <select name="folder">


Updated fiddle

But note that you're trying to append a span to a select, which is invalid markup and won't work. select elements cannot contain spans (only option and optgroup elements). If you meant to put it after the select, use after:

//                                             v--- change here
$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "']").after('<span>Hi></span>');
//         also note the `>` you probably don't want here ----^

Another fiddle

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It works fine but your folder_id was wrong so it didn't match.

fixed: http://jsfiddle.net/trapper/yYzvL/1/

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var folder_id = "folder_id";

$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "']").append('<span>Hi</span>');

Your id was set incorrectly, plus some HTML was incorrect in the span being appended.

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In addition to everyone else's answers, which are correct, why are you adding a <span> to a <select> list?

Surely you should be adding something like this if you're trying to add a new option?

$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "']").append('<option>Hi</option>');

This will add a new option to the select list, see this fiddle.

Alternatively, if you're trying to add the text to the option list, why not something like this?

$("#selects select[name='" + folder_id + "'] option").append('<span>Hi</span>');

See this fiddle.

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See my updated (working) example:


There were several issues with your code:

1 - Incorrect value assigned to folder_id
2 - Not using <option> tag for value you are appending

The updated JavaScript is:

var folder_id = "folder_id";
$('#selects select[name="' + folder_id + '"]').append($('<option>Hi</option>'));
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