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I have a website which supports Push-notifications, but what i must do to receive thhis notifications in my app?

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Here I have posted solution, For Push Notification Implementation,May help you. – RDC Nov 29 '13 at 6:41

You could use Googles Android Cloud to Device Messaging. This also C2DM called funcionality enables you to push short messages to Android Devices. These short messages typically do not contain the actual data but only a code for "there is something available". In a next step, your application pulls the actual data from your server.

You can find a lot of usefull information by searching for c2dm here on StackOverflow. Also see this very usefull tutorial.

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For implementng Push-notifications in your app you need to use Cloud to Device messaging or short C2DM

here some tutorial for implementing C2DM in Application:

Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) - Tutorial

Android Cloud To Device Messaging

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For Push Notifications You need sever side, that will be store your Registration ids and send push to them.

Look at Simple Android Push Notifications (Messages) code sample, it's easy to integrate Push Notifications into your app using this sample, just add some lines of code.

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