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Currently in my app I can access my database of users, but now I need to open the user's facebook page when I click on either their avatar or username. I can access the user's facebook id by data.facebook id. I did have working code earlier, but it required my to enter a static URL, but I need the URL to be generated based on the user's id. This is my code so far

private function newBrowserWindow():void
    //Creating a URL for a facebook profile
    var facebookUrl:* = "http://www.facebook.com/" + data.facebookid;

I access this function with the following code:

<s:Image id="fbImg" source="http://graph.facebook.com/{data.facebookid}/picture?type=normal" x="0" y="0" click="newBrowserWindow()"/>          
<s:Label id="usernameLbl" x="120" y="0" fontFamily="Calibri" fontSize="25" fontWeight="bold" text="{data.firstname} {data.lastname}" click="newBrowserWindow()"/>

My code is showing no errors so I don't know what's wrong. My previous working code required me to access the click handler via click="newBrowserWindow('http://www.mysite.com') and thus the function required an object to process, but I removed that because I couldn't seem to get around typing in a static URL.

Any ideas?

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Use URLRequest in navigateToURL:

 navigateToURL(new URLRequest(facebookUrl));
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Brilliant, thankyou! –  user1077544 May 11 '12 at 17:42

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