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I'm using iReport 3.7.1 and I'd to know how to make one group depend on another group. I'd the second to appear only when the first one changes.

Example : Let's consider un example of three levels, we have a group A that includes the group B, et B includes C. On the PDF, A appears before B et B appears before C. On each page we should have : A1 B11 c11 c12

A1 B12 C13

A2 B21 C21

A2 B22 C21 C22 C23 ...

Every time the the value of B changes, the value of A should appear before.

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In iReport, right-click on the name of your report in the report inspector and click "Add Report Group" to launch the New Group Wizard. Add A, B, and C as groups. Add header bands for each group. Put a textbox in each group header band to define the group, and click the "Print Repeated Values" checkbox to show the group header each time the subgroup changes.

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