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I am trying to write a semi-transparent text on a canvas. I see the string written on the canvas but the transparency doesn't seem to work. Here's my code:

     public void onDraw(Canvas canvas, Paint paint) {
    Logs.add("onDraw DefaultScoreGottenText currentAlpha = " + this.currentAlpha);

The alpha property is set but doesn't seem to have any effects. I even try to create a new Paint object and send it to the drawText method. Didn't work either. Any ideas ?

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paint.setColor() includes alpha, so when you call paint.setColor(textColor) you are overwriting the alpha that you set in paint.setAlpha(1). Try setting the alpha and text color at the same time with:

paint.setColor(Color.argb(alpha, red, green, blue));
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Or just set the alpha below the color.

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I had exactly the same issue. The simple way to solve is to set the alpha below the color, not above. I post this because it will help people that have this issue. –  Xmanoux Mar 15 '14 at 10:05

Set color #00112233

here 00 is transparent

11 is red value

22 is green value

33 is blue value

if you change the first two digit in between 00 to FF , you can see the transparent variation.

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