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I have two expressions in MATLAB that represent a 365x24 matrix. The first expression has 10, 365x24 matrices and is therefore


and the second expression which is again 365x24 but with three possible matrices therefore is

WT_energy_supply(:,:,M);ode here

Now, I am looking to create a third matrix that adds the elements in the same position above and thus form a 365x24 matrix. However I want a set of matrix with all possible combinations of the two expressions shown above (therefore this matrix must be 365x24x30.

How do I go about this? What about the bsxfun function in MATLAB?

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Expand the original matrices (which for clarity I name a and b) with repmat and then just add them, bsxfun is not needed.

repmat(a,[1 1 size(b,3)]) + repmat(b,[1 1 size(a,3)]))


>> size(a)
ans = 
    364  24  10

>> size(b)
ans = 
    364  24  3

>> c=repmat(a,[1 1 size(b,3)])+repmat(b,[1 1 size(a,3)]);
>> size(c)
ans = 
    364  24  30

It looks fine to me. Of course you'll have to replace my variables a and b with your variables PV_power_output and WT_energy_supply.

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thanks but I can only get a 365x24 matrix this way. how do i access any of the 30 matrices created? – user643469 May 11 '12 at 19:11
I get them all, see update ^^ – Gunther Struyf May 11 '12 at 21:44

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