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I am installing a MATLAB toolbox which looks for a file by calling


When I type

which filename 

in the bash, I get




in MATLAB command window says

'filename' not found. 

I can see the binary file is there in




is added to the MATLAB search path, so I am not sure what is going on here. Any suggestions??

Thanks!! Ayesha

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You might use exist instead of which here. If the file is there, exist will return the code 2.

However, which does work. For example, a .pdf file in my search path:

>> which('Fritsch FN - Monontone piecewise cubic interpolation')
'Fritsch FN - Monontone piecewise cubic interpolation' not found.

See that which fails to find it, but when I provide the full name, including extension, which works properly.

>> which('Fritsch FN - Monontone piecewise cubic interpolation.pdf')
/Users/woodchips/Desktop/Fritsch FN - Monontone piecewise cubic interpolation.pdf

Of course, exist works too.

>> exist('Fritsch FN - Monontone piecewise cubic interpolation.pdf','file')
ans =

My guess is, your problem arises because you failed to include the extension. Which apparently looks automatically for .m, .p, and .mdl files according to the doc.

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hmm .. exist gives ans as 2 (it's an executable so I am not sure what to put it's extension). Anyway, a workaround I found was to use this: !filename in the command window of MATLAB launches the executable. Not a pretty solution, but works right now. –  Ayesha Kalra May 11 '12 at 19:51
To execute programs, instead of ! you can also use unix command. –  Antti Nuortimo May 12 '12 at 5:20

bash which only locates executables in Linux path. MATLAB which command only locates MATLAB files (*.m, *.p and MDL files, according to MATLAB documentation of which command). MATLAB which does not locate other binaries. In most cases a file could be located by using both bash which and MATLAB which if it was named with *.m or *.p and its directory is in both Linux path and MATLAB path.

I assume that you have filename in /usr/local/bin/, but not filename.m. The problem can also be that the path of your filename.m is not in your MATLAB path. Use path command to check and modify your MATLAB path, or using menu: File -> Set Path.

So, if which command is used in some MATLAB toolbox's install script or install function (MATLAB program), then it is looking for a MATLAB program file filename.m or filename.p, not for regular Linux binary file filename.

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Hmm .. I checked, the /usr/local/bin is there in the list of folders in the path. One thing though, its not a .m file. It's an executable.Is that the problem? I see the installation file for the toolbox is an mfile which calls 'which; and upon not finding it, gives me an error. –  Ayesha Kalra May 11 '12 at 18:39
MATLAB which locates only MATLAB program files, not Linux executables, unless you name them *.m or *.p. If which('filename') command is used in an install script or function (a MATLAB .m file) of a MATLAB toolbox, then it is looking for a MATLAB program file filename.m or protected program file filename.p, not for Linux executable filename. –  Antti Nuortimo May 11 '12 at 18:50

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