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Can you debug and step through the code of a swc files in flash builder?

Let's say you even have access to source code (coming from flex library project or flash professional project)! If how?


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Yes you can, though there are some limitations (as FlashBuilder will tell you when you do it), but simple stepping is no problem.

If you have the source code in a project in FlashBuilder, FB should find the associated code automatically. If you don't you can associate the source code to the swc manually. Go to the Flex Build Path window; click on the arrow next to the swc; double click the row that says "Source attachment" and enter the path to the source code.

enter image description here

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awesome... it was a trimmed down version of my original question which was kinda complicated and confusing, I admit, your answer solved a bigger picture, please post the url of this page as an answer for… so I can give you credit there as well. Thanks. :) – iPhone Developer May 12 '12 at 13:58

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