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I'd like to print the first 10 lines of the output of an ls command.

I tried ls | head 10, which obviously didn't work.

Then I tried ls | xargs -0 head 10, hoping that it'd work, but it didn't either. (It seems to work to some extent, but the thing prints everyhting on the same line, which is kind of hard to read!)

So does anyone happen to know how to 'grab' only the first 10 lines of an ls's output?


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ls | head -10


ls | head -n 10
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Great! Thank you! – One Two Three May 11 '12 at 18:31

Good question, I thought --format=horizontal would be enough but the column width is then unknown, because you pipe the output from ls to head instead of your terminal. -w (screen width) fixes that.

Try this:

ls --format=horizontal -w80|head -n 10

I've only tested this using ls from GNU coreutils.

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