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Here is my code:

import random

v1={"emo":"buy","adsum": "to be present","amo":"To love"}
b= v1.keys()
print a
print b
question= b[a]
c=raw_input("What is %d" %b[a]

if c == answer:
    print "Well done correct"
    print "Oh dear..."

I'm getting a syntax error relating to the colon in the line if c == answer: but I have no idea what is wrong.

sorted ignore me!!! Missing brackets!

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You should use a better text editor to avoid these sort of mistake. – Sergio Garcia May 11 '12 at 18:53

Syntax errors are often on the line before where it actually complains about. Check out the c = raw_input... line.

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There's a campaign to clean up Stack Overflow by removing these typo-related questions - we could really use your help! Would you mind pitching in a little by casting a close vote on this question? – VisioN Feb 28 '13 at 15:56

you missed a closing ) at c=raw_input("What is %d" %b[a]

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