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I'm trying to use the package RSS with UTF8 string with no avail. (i don't want to use HXT which works, i just want to understand where i'm wrong)

In ghci when i put "test" i just get garbage with character such as "é".

If i get the string from reading a file with UTF8.readFile and send it to parseFromString it works, but when i download and use getRespBody it doesn't.

Here is my sample code :

import Network.HTTP                   (simpleHTTP,  getRequest, getResponseBody)
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
import Text.Feed.Import (parseFeedString)
import Text.RSS.Syntax 
import Text.Feed.Types (Feed(..))
import Prelude hiding (putStrLn)
import Data.ByteString.Char8 (putStrLn)
import Data.ByteString.UTF8 (fromString)

siteUrl  =  "http://radiofrance-podcast.net/podcast09/rss_11549.xml"

type Links = [(String,String,String)]

--   Main function 

test = getLinks siteUrl >>= mapM_ (putStrLn.fromString) 

--     Retrieve titles

getLinks:: String -> IO [String]
getLinks url = simpleHTTP (getRequest url) >>= getResponseBody >>= parseDoc 

parseDoc d = do
 let RSSFeed rss = (fromJust . parseFeedString ) d 
    items = rssItems.rssChannel $ rss
    titles = map (fromJust.rssItemTitle)    items
 return $  titles 

Update: thanks to Roman's answer, i have modified my code. Here are the modification for anyone who may be interested.

import Codec.Binary.UTF8.String       (decodeString)  -- <-- added

getLinks:: String -> IO [String]
getLinks url = simpleHTTP (getRequest url) >>= getResponseBody >>= parseDoc.decodeString -- <-- modified
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The fact that simpleHTTP may return String-based responses is a bit confusing. In reality they are not Unicode strings, but byte strings that contain the HTTP response as is. No automatic decoding is done.

So, you need to decode the http response before passing it to feed parsing functions (e.g. using the encoding or utf8-string package).

You probably want to extract the source encoding information from the Content-Type http header or from the RSS document itself.

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Thank you, i re-read the utf8-string package and the function decodemade the trick. i will update the code to share the solution. –  jinkou2 jinkou2 May 14 '12 at 13:11

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