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I have read the strings from two files and stored them into two separate arrays, I then tried sorting them and writing them into another file...This part works the way it is supposed to but what I really need to do is combine the strings from the two arrays into one so that i can sort them in alphabetical order and then write to a file but the problem is that when i try to store these two arrays into one array I get segmentation fault as the error message..I am really not sure how to store these two arrays into another one so that I can sort it in order...I know how to sort it I am just not sure how to read these into an another array... i cant use #DEFINE because I am going to write all of this into a function for a tester code...

I have tried something like

new[i] = str;

and also:


but neither of these work...any help would be greatly appreciated...

Here is my code:


main (void)


char str[200];
char str2[300];
char new[300];
char temp [300];
int linenumber=0;
FILE *fa = fopen ("book1.dat", "r");
FILE *fb = fopen ("book2.dat", "r");
FILE *fc = fopen ("fixed.txt", "w");

int i=0;
int j=0;
int k;

/*read the strings into an array while it is not the end of file*/

while(!feof(fa)&& !feof(fb))

/*compare strings in array and write to array*/

     if(strcmp(str2, str)<0)

       fprintf(fc, "%s\n", str2);
       fprintf(fc, "%s\n", str);


     if (strcmp(str2,str)>0)
     fprintf(fc, "%s\n", str);
     fprintf(fc, "%s\n", str2)


/*print out the results of str */

    printf("%s", str);

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What do you mean by how to read these into an another array ? Do you want to merge the 2 strings ? Do you want an array of strings ? –  cnicutar May 11 '12 at 21:35
Yes, I am trying to take the strings that are in array str and str2 and put them into array new so that i can sort all of the strings in array new in alphabetical order but im not sure how to put combine them both into one array of strings... –  user1385602 May 11 '12 at 21:39

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

typedef char* Type;

typedef struct vector {
    size_t size;
    size_t capacity;
    Type *array;
} Vector;

Vector *vec_make(){
    Vector *v;
    v = (Vector*)malloc(sizeof(Vector));
    v->size = 0;
    v->array=(Type*)realloc(NULL, sizeof(Vector)*(v->capacity *= 2));
    return v;

void vec_add(Vector *v, Type value){
    v->array[v->size] = value;
    if(++v->size == v->capacity)
        v->array=(Type*)realloc(v->array, sizeof(Vector)*(v->capacity *= 2));

size_t vec_size(Vector *v){
    return v->size;

Type *vec_getArray(Vector *v){
    return v->array;

void vec_free(Vector *v){

int cmp(const void *a, const void *b){
    return strcmp(*(char**)a, *(char**)b);

void merge(const char *inpfile1, const char *inpfile2, const char *outfile){
    FILE *fp;
    char buff[256], **array;
    Vector *v;
    size_t c, size;

    v = vec_make();
    fp=fopen(inpfile1, "r");
    while(NULL!=fgets (buff, 256, fp))
        vec_add(v, strdup(buff));

    fp=fopen(inpfile2, "r");
    while(NULL!=fgets (buff, 256, fp))
        vec_add(v, strdup(buff));

//  qsort(array, size, sizeof(Type), cmp);
    fp=fopen(outfile, "w");
    for(c=0;c < size; ++c){
        fputs(array[c], fp);

int main(){
    merge("book1.txt", "book2.txt", "fixed.txt");
    return 0;
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Make new a char* array and use strdup to copy the string contained in str.

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