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i'm looking in a way to make a really basic wysiwyg such as when a user lick the button, it insert the symbol ♂ (♂)

It is working but there is two problem : 1 - Only the unicode characters are inserted, they are not converted into symbol (♂)

2- If you have time, is there a simple way to insert the symbol where the "text cursor"is and not at the end of the content of the textarea ?

Thanks for your help


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♂ is an HTML escape code.
It is only processed in HTML source.

Javascript string literals use their own escape code: '\u2642' (with the code point in hexadecimal rather than decimal).
You can also just use the character directly: '♂'. (this requires that you set your file encodings correctly)

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That was fast and thanks a lot ! Any idea for the second problem ? –  francoboy7 May 11 '12 at 21:35

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