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I have a log table that tracks changes for one table. Each time the record is changed a tracking record is created in the log. However, when I query the table to return records that have been changed in the past 7 days I get multiple returns if a record has been changed more than once. How can i use a distinct or group by to only return one distinct record?

My current sql query looks like this.

SELECT       tc.ModifiedBy AS CurrentUserModifiedBy, tc.DateModified, tc.ChangedFields, p.ID, p.SystemID, p.SystemName, p.OrgCode, 
                       p.CreatedDate, p.ProcessStatus, 
                      lu.SiteName, ia.UID
FROM         tblIA AS ia INNER JOIN
                      tblLU_UIC AS lu ON ia.UID = lu.UID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                      tblPackages AS p ON ia.IAID = p.IAID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                      tblTrackChanges AS tc ON p.ID = tc.ID
WHERE     (tc.ModifiedBy = 'someuser') AND (tc.DateModified > GETDATE() - 7) AND (p.PackageStatus = 'Active')
ORDER BY tc.DateModified DESC

I know how to get around in sql but I'm not an expert. Can some one please help?

Thanks in advance, GS.


The database is sql server. The DateModified field is a DateTime field and I want to get the latest DateModified field.

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I noticed you have tc.DateModified as one of the fields in the SELECT. I'm assuming this is different on each record. So if a given recordID is changed multiple times which DateModified would you display? First one? Last one? A random one? Also what DB are we talking about? – Conrad Frix May 11 '12 at 21:47
Do you want the most recent record to appear only for the specific criteria? And how would the most recent be determined? If Date is actually just a date field, then multiples could occur on the same day. If it's a datetime, then there's an obvious latest record. – Mike Ryan May 11 '12 at 21:47
How do you intend to handle the fields that have different values for different modifications? For instance, a record could change three times and have three different "ModifiedBy". Or, different fields could change each time. – Gordon Linoff May 11 '12 at 21:50
The database is SQL Server. The DateModified is a DateTime field and I want the latest record to be displayed. – gsirianni May 15 '12 at 16:53

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