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Does anyone know any good alternative for GNOME's Seashorse to generate Gpg-keys on the Macs?

(Alternative question would be, how to install Seashorse on the Mac? I've downloaded the package, but after I ran ./configure, I got an error saying intltool-update: command not found


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GPGTools is a decent toolset, it has GPG Keychain Access bundled in, which provides a GUI that allows you to create, delete, find, sign, and verify all your keys - https://www.gpgtools.org/

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with GPGTools

As for compiling GNOME's Seahorse on OSX, that should have been a separate question; but it was asked, so I will answer;

First, you need to setup your build environment. Out of convenience, I am using macports http://www.macports.org/ to install the dependencies.

sudo port install intltool gnome-doc-utils gtk2 gconf libgnome-keyring xorg-libsm

Now we can build Seahorse -

Get the Seahorse source

wget http://download.gnome.org/sources/seahorse/2.28/seahorse-2.28.1.tar.gz

Extract the source

tar -xzf ./seahorse-2.28.1.tar.gz

Move into the source directory

cd ./seahorse-2.28.1.tar.gz

Configure the source with the desired prefix

./configure --prefix=/usr

Make the source


For whatever reason, I had to edit pkcs11/seahorse-pkcs11-operations.c because make was failing with:

seahorse-pkcs11-operations.c:185: error: too few arguments to function 'gp11_slot_open_session_async'

So I changed the line at 185 from:

gp11_slot_open_session_async (slot, CKF_RW_SESSION, self->cancellable,

To this:

gp11_slot_open_session_async (slot, CKF_RW_SESSION, NULL, NULL, self->cancellable,

and then make again if you had to edit that file


If everything built successfully, install the built application

sudo make install

You should now be able to run GNOME Seahorse under OSX.

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