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So I've been working on this problem for a bit and I've hit yet another roadblock.

Essentially, I'm attempting to have a mouse click trigger a rotation animation on a set of svg objects drawn up with Raphael.js. And while I've got the actual animation solved I can't seem to get it to run on subsequent clicks...just runs the one time and thats it.

So I'd imagine there is a bit of code that I'm neglecting to include..or that possibly the animation breaks after do to the change in coordinates after the applied animation? Anyway, I'm stumped...

Here's the JSFiddle demo.

Here's the code:

var rsr = Raphael('rsr', 320, 240),
    circle_01 = rsr.circle(160, 120, 20).attr({fill:"#666666"}),
    circle_02 = rsr.circle(160, 220, 20),
    circle_03 = rsr.circle(160, 20, 20),
    circle_04 = rsr.circle(20, 120, 20),
    circle_05 = rsr.circle(300, 120, 20),
    group = rsr.set();


var aa = group.getBBox();

circle_01.click(function() {

    var group_x_center = aa.x + (aa.width / 2),
        group_y_center = aa.y + (aa.height / 2);

        transform: group.attr("transform") + "R360," 
            + group_x_center + "," 
            + group_y_center
    }, 1000); 
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I think that problem you're seeing is that when you first run the animation, it rotates your set the desired number of degrees -- and then when the same animation is fired subsequently, it does nothing because the set has already been rotated to that angle.

I would solve this problem by appending to the transform instead of setting it absolutely:

group.animate({transform: group.attr("transform") + "...R45,"+group_x_center+","+group_y_center}, 1000); 

Alternatively, you could keep track of the current angle, increment it on each click, and then set it variably -- but that'd probably be more work =)

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Thanks so much! That certainly seems to be the trick! I'm still pretty new to programming/javascript so I'll have to check out appending so I can properly understand what's happening here. – Kyle May 12 '12 at 22:27
@Kyle - accept Zero's answer and it will give you more chance of people answering you again – Neil May 16 '12 at 9:02

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