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This is a really simple question I am sure, so please bear with me. I have created a local database in visual studio 2010. I have created a table with columns (c1,c2). I have also created a dataset using VS's wizard. This includes a ListTableAdapter. I am able to fill the database with values, but I am unable to get all of the rows in c2. Could anyone provide an example of getting a collection of rows from a specified column in c#? Please let me know if you need clarifying details.

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Columns don't have rows. You iterate through rows and choose the field.

e.g. something like

foreach(DataRow row in MyDataset.Table["TableName"].Rows)
  yield return row["FieldName"];

What type do you want and how do you want to deal with nulls will be a consideration. Bear in mind that ColumnName in the table being fieldName in the datatable is a default. Equally columns have native types, but a field in a DataRow is an object, which if null in the database will be set to DBNull.Value.

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