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My question it's quite simple.

Suppose I have a "StoredProcedure" that gives me a result of a table with 2 columns, say: "Name" and "Surname".

I want to show the table only if the result set is not empty.

If I drag&drop the "Name" and "Surname" fields to the "Details" section, it automatically generates in the Header section the name of those columns, but if the result set is empty, I still see the column names. What I want is to make the column names dissapear if there isn't any data to show.

Any idea of how to do this?, it sounds very reasonable so I guess the solution is simple, but I don't know it

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I now realized this question is answered in other question I made. Conditional printing depending of empty or null value in Crystal Reports

I guess that setting a conditional value on the column labels with the "Count()" function (I guess should be one), would make the job done.

If Count(someFieldOfTheResult) == 0 THEN 
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I hope someone could confirm that my supposed answer is correct. – pritzo May 13 '12 at 13:40

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