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okay so what I want to do is import a sprite sheet, and select one sprite how would I do this in Python/pygame. Is this possible?

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You should provide more information, like what libraries and frameworks you are using for game development. The solution will likely depend on that. –  Tom Dignan May 12 '12 at 3:25
oh. Yes, I forgot to mention I am using Pygame. –  enrique2334 May 12 '12 at 17:48

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I made this, it might interest you:

import pygame, sys
from pygame.locals import *

#Screen size

#This is where the sprite is found on the sheet

#This is the length of the sprite

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((SCREEN_X, SCREEN_Y)) #Create the screen
sheet = pygame.image.load('C:\YOURFILE') #Load the sheet

sheet.set_clip(pygame.Rect(SPRT_RECT_X, SPRT_RECT_Y, LEN_SPRT_X, LEN_SPRT_Y)) #Locate the sprite you want
draw_me = sheet.subsurface(sheet.get_clip()) #Extract the sprite you want

backdrop = pygame.Rect(0, 0, SCREEN_X, SCREEN_Y) #Create the whole screen so you can draw on it

screen.blit(draw_me,backdrop) #'Blit' on the backdrop
#Draw the sprite on the screen

Hope I could help

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I realize this is resurrection a pretty old answer, but I was wondering why you went to the trouble of using set_clip and get_clip when you could have just passed the Rect you wanted to subsurface directly. –  jlund3 Apr 18 '13 at 5:18
Oh wow, this was from almost a year ago lol. Well, back then I was actually still new to pygame even though I was answering questions, and that was just how I learned it. It also seems a bit cleaner to me the way it is. But you are correct, you could just as easily pass the Rect itself. –  hammythepig Apr 18 '13 at 6:13

The above spritesheet loader is a good method. Based on that code, I made this generalized function that works for any spritesheet:

# Sprite Sheet Loader - hammythepig
# Edited by Peter Kennedy
# License - Attribution - hammythepig
# Version = '2.0'

import pygame,sys
from pygame.locals import *

def sprite_sheet(size,file,pos=(0,0)):

    #Initial Values
    len_sprt_x,len_sprt_y = size #sprite size
    sprt_rect_x,sprt_rect_y = pos #where to find first sprite on sheet

    sheet = pygame.image.load(file).convert_alpha() #Load the sheet
    sheet_rect = sheet.get_rect()
    sprites = []
    print sheet_rect.height, sheet_rect.width
    for i in range(0,sheet_rect.height-len_sprt_y,size[1]):#rows
        print "row"
        for i in range(0,sheet_rect.width-len_sprt_x,size[0]):#columns
            print "column"
            sheet.set_clip(pygame.Rect(sprt_rect_x, sprt_rect_y, len_sprt_x, len_sprt_y)) #find sprite you want
            sprite = sheet.subsurface(sheet.get_clip()) #grab the sprite you want
            sprt_rect_x += len_sprt_x

        sprt_rect_y += len_sprt_y
        sprt_rect_x = 0
    print sprites
    return sprites


    #1.1 - turned code into useable function

    #2.0 - fully functional sprite sheet loader

For reference, this cuts sheets into individual sprites one row at a time from left to right.

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