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In Perl, how do I combine these 2 statements in one line?

$str=~ s/=>/:/g;
$str=~ s/\$VAR1 = {//g;
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$str =~ s/(=>|\$VAR = {)/$1 eq '=>' && ':'/ge;

Though, really, you're better off leaving the code as it is unless you have some really, really compelling reason for combining the statements.

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wow where did you learn this technique? any tips for learning reg expression? – pythonikun May 12 '12 at 2:54
I guess it's that really advanced technique called "Reading the Fine Manual" :-) – Dave Cross May 14 '12 at 8:27

It's pretty simply — just change the ";" to "," — but why? Combining two statements is not a goal, it's a means. If you told us what your goal, you could give you a better answer.

$str=~ s/=>/:/g, $str=~ s/\$VAR1 = {//g;

Other ways:

do { $str=~ s/=>/:/g; $str=~ s/\$VAR1 = {//g; };

s/=>/:/g, s/\$VAR1 = {//g for $str;

$str = $str =~ s/=>/:/gr =~ s/\$VAR1 = {//gr;   # 5.14+ required.
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