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Question: Is there a simple way to print out an array in Ruby with elements separated by spaces?


I want to use Ruby to Benchmark commands and run the command. Something like:

 script.rb ./command_name arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

For example:

 script.rb ls -lh

should run ls -lh. I tried to do this with:

require 'benchmark'
puts Benchmark.measure{system(ARGV.to_s)}

(note ignore benchmark for this question I just included that because that what I'm using this for) but that does not work because ARGV gets printed without spaces. For example ls -lh becomes ls-lh. Obviously I could create my own string by parsing the ARGV array and inserting spaces between elements in loop. But I assume there is a more elegant Ruby solution but I haven't been able to figure one out yet so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions.

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You can easily join elements of an Array together with join. ARGV is an Array.

ARGV.join(" ")
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