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So i've been racking my head for the past week trying to get wordpress to autopost to Facebook and Twitter.

I have created a facebook page (just a sole page not linked to any profile), and a twitter account.

I've tried using ping.fm and ping.fm wordpress plugin. To post, I had to go into wordpress and manually make a ping.fm post, and it then gets sent to it's facebook/twitter. Twitter worked, facebook didn't, tried everything – it can't link to the facebook fan page. I gave up after 2 hours.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to link (automatically if possible) my wordpress posts to facebook fan page (timeline) and twitter?

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You can use online tools like below which will post from your blog to facebook.

In addition to this, you can setup your facebook page to auto-post it to twitter. So, when you post a new article to facebook, the workflow will be Blog -> RSSGraffiti/Networkedblogs -> Facebook -> Facebook Auto post feature to Twitter -> Twitter.

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