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I have the following:

function getPk(entity) {
    var store = window.localStorage;
    switch (entity) {
        case "City":
            if (store.getItem('AccountID')) {
                // Need to return both of the below pieces of information
                return store.getItem('AccountID') + "04" + "000";
                return "CityTable";

            } else {
                paramOnFailure("Please reselect"); 
                return false;

The problem is I need to be able to call this function and return two strings. Here I show two return statements but I know I cannot do that.

Is there a clean way I can return two strings to the function that calls my getPk(entity) function?

If possible can you give an example also of how I can read what is returned.

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Return them as either an array, or within an object.

return [store.getItem('AccountID') + "04" + "000", "CityTable"];


return { accountID: store.getItem('AccountID') + "04" + "000", table: "CityTable" };
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I'm sorry but then how do I read the array? Can you give an example of the calling function and what comes back. Thanks in advance. – Samantha J May 12 '12 at 4:23
Sure. Take a look at – x1a4 May 12 '12 at 4:29

You can only return a single value from a function in JavaScript, but that value can be a structure that contains multiple values internally, such as an array:

return [store.getItem('AccountID') + "04" + "000", "CityTable"];

Just make sure that the functions which call this know about the conventions you're using for your return value.

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But can you show me how the calling function would read this. I'm sorry but my knowledge of javascript is very basic. – Samantha J May 12 '12 at 4:25
var x = getPk(entity);, then refer to x[0] and x[1] to refer to the two values you returned. – duskwuff May 12 '12 at 5:07

In javascript and like almost every languages, It is impossible to return more than one value.

However, you can return a custom object containing all the values you want to return.

See the following link to find how to create an object. Create an object with properties,

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