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I want to copy a jar file from ../source,but I am not sure where it exactly is,it can be anywhere in any subdirectory but it is there. I am writing this code

<target name="CopyingFromSource" depends="clean">
  <copy file="../source/org.springframework-spring-support-2.0.8.jar" todir="../result"/> 

but is showing me can't find org.springframework-spring-support-2.0.8.jar Can you please tell me how to copy it?

It is present anywhere either immediately in /source or in any subdirectory.

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got it myself anyways thanks,just need to use it like this `<fileset dir="../source"> <include name="**/org.springframework-spring-context-support-2.5.jar"/> </fileset>' –  user1390517 May 12 '12 at 6:07

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Use copy task with nested fileset like that :

 <copy todir="../result">
  <fileset dir="/home/gilreb/temp" includes="**/org.springframework-spring-support-2.0.8.jar" id="foobar"/>

see Ant manual copy task and Ant manual fileset for turther details..
i.e. if you need to copy the flat file only and not it's whole path you need to use :

<copy todir="../result" flatten="true">
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