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So I have a Rails application that responds to HTML, XML, JSON, mobile, tablet ... etc. Lets say I have "book" resource. Naturally, this resourse will require "index.html.erb", "show.html.erb", "new.html.erb", "edit.html.erb", "_form.html.erb" and other custom functions. As you can see, "views/books" folder will end up with many clutter files. I want to be able to separate them in subfolders inside "views/books" folder:


How can I do that without messing up my controllers? Is there a callback (filter) between controller action execution and view execution? If there is, that should solve this issue.

What make things more complicated in my application is that I want to reuse some partials in some MIMEs, for example I want to use "_login.erb" for mobile, web, and tablet. Then, customize it using CSS.

A similar question is asked here. But I am not satisfied with the answer, because it is pretty slow and does not solve my common partials issue.

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I think you are complicating things too much just to have a cleaner view directory structure.

First off all, I would advise against mixing the JSON vs. HTML issue with web vs. mobile vs. tablet issue. "Mobile" or "tablet" are not mime types, I wouldn't hack the Rails mime-type-based views functionality to solve this problem.

In our company we use different views for different mime types (json/html) and we use one HTML view that is forked inside based on the device type. It would be tiresome to reflect model/controller changes in three sets of views, one for each device type. Most of the time the views are the same or just with minor differences. We use mobvious-rails gem to fork the view code depending on the device. Wouldn't that be a better solution?

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I think it is a generic way to support different devices, check out this link I liked the idea of mobvious-rails as well, but it adds complexity to the views section. In case of having MIME types HTMLers will have better control with less logic. – wael34218 May 12 '12 at 12:37

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