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For some reasons i using this javaScript code for highlight rows. I need add condition to this code block. Something like this :

 function onGridViewRowSelected(rowIdx, rowIdx2) {
   //bring value via get control and assign
var selRow = getSelectedRow(rowIdx);
//Check Current Row is null or not
if (curSelRow != null) {
    if (curSelRow.style.backgroundColor = '#red') {
        //do nothing..
    } else {

        curSelRow.style.backgroundColor = '#ffffff';
//come to here if not in condition and check selected row is null or not
if (null != selRow) {
//if in condition ..
    curSelRow = selRow;
    //change current selected row background color
    curSelRow.style.backgroundColor = '#ababab';


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What is your question? Your javascript has several issues. For starters, if conditions should use == or ===, not =. –  jfriend00 May 12 '12 at 7:16
... and #red won't work. You need to remove the #. –  x1a4 May 12 '12 at 7:31

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I am not clear about your question though, but your js code has a bug:

if (curSelRow.style.backgroundColor = '#red')  // WRONG, u can't do this
if (curSelRow.style.backgroundColor == '#red') // use color codes instead ( for red = #ff0000 ) or just red..
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