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I think uri-templates are an extremely interesting feature for REST based applications. But appart from //put your favorite language here// based implementations I don't see any support for it in HTML itself.

It seems support for it was intended for WebForms2.0 as described here: http://blog.welldesignedurls.org/2007/01/11/proposing-uri-templates-for-webforms-2/ and http://blog.whatwg.org/proposing-uri-templates-for-webforms-20 but according to the WebForms2.0 page it got replaced by HTML5 which doesn't mention templates as far as I can tell.

So my questions are: Is there support of URI-Templates in HTML? If not is there: Is anything like this planned? Or is there something like an emerging standard, something everybody does and which might end up being a standard at some time in the future?

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Are you looking for a workaround or a specific documentation of that feature if it exists? –  Itay Grudev May 12 '12 at 7:39
I'd prefer specific documentation. –  Jens Schauder May 12 '12 at 8:18

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This feature is really awesome, but I couldn't find any specific documentation for it. I guess that there can be a workaround with some JavaScript with an onsubmit event to build a new URI and then submit.

Actually there is a list with uri-template implementations. For HTML/Browserside support the JavaScript version seems to be most useful.

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