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I have 3 divs, all positioned: absolute, but the div I want to fill the width of the window will only adapt to the length of the text within it. I want the yellow div #help to fill the remainder of the window.

I know this sounds noob but I cannot find the solution anywhere.

<div id="tab1">tab1</div>
<div id="tab2">tab2</div>
<div id="help">help</div>

    #tab1 {position: absolute;
    bottom; 0px;
    right: 0px;
    width: 50px;
    height: 20px;
    background-color: green;

#tab2 {position: absolute;
    bottom; 0px;
    right: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    height: 20px;
    background-color: yellow;

#help {position: absolute;
    bottom; 0px;
    right: 100px;
    height: 20px;
    background-color: red;

JS Fiddle:

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The yellow div is not #help. So which one should fill what? – kapa May 12 '12 at 8:17
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If you want #help to stretch, you can set the left and right values at the same time. This trick also works with top and bottom. Absolute positioned elements are quite flexible.

#help {
    position: absolute;
    left: 0;
    right: 100px;

jsFiddle Demo

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Ah yes help is red. Thanks @bažmegakapa! Helpful to know you can use both. – Joe Isaacson May 12 '12 at 9:21

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