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I'm building an iOS website, and I'm trying to get the recently copied image using JavaScript.

When you hold your finger on a photo in a website a menu will pop-out with the option to Save the image or Copy. When you press copy and paste it later in a text-field, you can get the URL with:


When you copy an image in the camera roll, facebook application, or by selecting and you go to the same text-field (or textarea) the paste option is not available, however when going to the Mail.application the Paste option is available and pasts the image. So does anyone have a clue how to get the URL or binary data for a copied photo on an iPad?

Apple Documentation:




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+1 and edited your question to reflect it's not about native development. –  user529758 May 12 '12 at 11:11
iPad web application : distributed through the appStore (packaged with a framework such as Phonegap) or is it accessible through a web browser ? –  Zakaria May 12 '12 at 11:17

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This won't be possible for a website to do, as the javascript won't have direct access to any native elements.

if however, you are hosting a webview in a native application, a-la phonegap ... then you may be able to do something here by handling the paste in native code, and then making it available to the webview.

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