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I've had several errors in kernel logs on device boot after all partitions were mounted.

ext3_free_blocks_sb: bit already cleared for block ######

After searching I've discovered that a bugfix for the same issue was already integrated in the kernel.

Then I've searched for similar commits on repository and didn't find anything so it seems like the bug was fixed on the mainstream and the issue is Android-related.

From the discussion on RedHat bugtracker about the bug I discovered that it can be reproduced with stress-test utility. Unfortunately, I don't know any of these for ext3 on Android.

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The main difficulty with porting such diagnostic tools to Android is it's reduced kernel functionallity. In this case there is a bunch of filesystem stress utilities for regular linux:

Most of them require specific headers or BASH script features which are missing in Android.

After rewiewing available set of tools in filesystem test case of LTP I came up with the following approach:

  1. Find a tool with minimal subset of scripts, headers and syscalls.
  2. Compile it using Android NDK.
  3. Install BASH for Android to run required scripts.
  4. Replace missing commands with their' Busybox equivalents.
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