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I find that there are only after and instead of triggers in sql server. And it is illegal to modify the values in the inserted pesudo table. Then my problem occurs: If I want to check the data which is going to be inserted into my table, and when the data violates my constraints I should modify these values to default values, how to do it ? How about updateing the values after inserted ? However, if there's no primary key or colum which is unique in my table, how can I locate the row just inserted and then update it ?

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The point of the INSTEAD OF triggers is that you can "capture" that operation (e.g. INSERT) and then do something instead of that normal operation. So you could read out the values, modify them, and then call an INSERT inside your INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger to insert the modified data –  marc_s May 12 '12 at 9:41

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Basically, with an INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger, you can achieve what you're looking for - just read out the data from the INSERTED pseudo table, modify it, and insert it into the table

So your trigger would look something like this:

CREATE TRIGGER YourTrigger ON dbo.YourTable    

    -- do the INSERT based on the INSERTED pseudo table, modify data as needed
    INSERT INTO dbo.YourTable(Col1, Col2, ....., ColN)
          Col1, 2 * Col2, ....., N * ColN

Of course, you could also add e.g. checks in the form of WHERE clause to that SELECT .... FROM INSERTED statement to e.g. ignore certain rows - the possibilities are endless!

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Thanks so much. It really works. :-) –  tmj May 12 '12 at 9:53

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