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I have only started playing around with time series in R so I have fallen at the first hurdle! I have a vector of daily temperature readings (with no date stamp) and I am having problems creating such an object.

data<-rnorm(3650, m=10, sd=2)
data_ts<-as.ts(data, frequency=365, start=c(1919, 1))
dcomp<-decompose(data_ts, type=c("additive"))

I think this code should be instructing R to make a ts object with daily measurements (frequency=365) starting at 1-1-1919. I dont understand the error message in the decompose command, I have a feeling I have not created the ts object correctly because data_ts$tsp does not look correct!

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data <- rnorm(3650, m=10, sd=2)
# change is below, use ts() to create time series
data_ts <- ts(data, frequency=365, start=c(1919, 1))
dcomp<-decompose(data_ts, type=c("additive"))


Time series decomposed

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Why is frequency=365, because of leap year every four years aren't there technically 365.25 days per year? –  MikeTP Mar 1 '13 at 1:15
@MikeTP: you are technically correct, of course. The frequency argument in ts() refers to the "the number of observations per unit of time", not to the actual time period itself. In this example, the issue makes no real difference. –  gauden Mar 1 '13 at 17:43

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