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I am having library in SharePoiint 2010 and also Document Library. I have placed a view of the document library in a web part. There is a link to "add new document" that I want change with JQuery;


and it works if I check it afterwards in a alert()

alert($('#idHomePageNewAnnouncement').attr('href'));   // gives

but if I hoover it or open it in a new window a prefix is added with the site URL; it will give http:// sitename/webname/subsite/

How can I get rid of this prefix in the link?

I don't have access to SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio in this project.

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href attributes are either relative (not starting with "http://" or similar) or absolute. Since your link is relative, the browser is going to look for a file called "" in the current directory. Try this instead:

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Thanks, that works. I should have remembered that. – user1390827 May 13 '12 at 7:50

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